BongoTies for Cable Management

Pros: Light weight, Linkable, Strong, Many Applications, Ease of Use, Color Selection
Cons: Price BongoTies

When I first came across this item, it was by accident.  I thought to myself, how did I not know about these BongoTies?  I was really excited to get my order in and try them on various piles of gear I had lying around the house.  Needless to say this was a great excuse to do some belated spring cleaning.  So I went about looking for different applications where I could put my new BongoTies to good use, and I found quite a few.  It was actually kind of fun trying to think of old problems where they might be the solution.  This is a great tool to have when it comes to being organized, and it also functions as an awesome option to attach miscellaneous items together when glue just won’t cut it.

The band is made of a high quality Hevea rubber (natural latex rubber) that will last a lot longer than average rubber band, while the catch is carved from bamboo.  Bamboo is a great material for this purpose as it’s lightweight yet very dense for added strength over other cheaper materials.  The tie can be easily disassembled and utilized for other purposes.  Although, I’d say it works great as it is, so no need for that.

I use these things at home for just about everything I can think of.

Some handy applications include:

  • Securing cable bundles
  • Organizing computer cables
  • Securing power equipment cables
  • Ties for XLR pro audio cables
  • Strapping back video/audio cables on pro camera equipment
  • Attaching cables to tripods
  • Attaching portable tripods to backpacks for transport
  • Gear tie-down for transporting in the back of a truck
  • Hanging items from ceiling hooks or catches
  • Bundling items together (paint brushes, wrenches)
  • Fashion: Wrist bangles