BongoTies for Cable Management

When I first came across this item, it was by accident.  I thought to myself, how did I not know about these BongoTies?  I was really excited to get my order in and try them on various piles of gear I had lying around the house.  Needless

Home Network Closet Rack Build

Once upon a time I had a hot mess of network gear, a tangle of cables running in every direction, and no idea whatsoever on how to organize it all. Needless to say this was not something I was going to put on display. Over the years

SanDisk Cruzer Fit 16GB

When it comes to running an operating system from your USB drive or testing live images, this SanDisk Cruzer Fit is perfect. Its small profile allows you to tuck the USB drive cleanly into most cases without having to worry about bumping or snagging it while connected.