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How To Build a Custom SAN (Storage Area Network)

October 1, 2011 1 comment

Hardware, Part 1


SAN Drive Bay Close Up 1Why I Wanted to Roll My Own SAN

In my constant search to find the perfect SAN (Storage Area Network) I came to the realization a long time ago that it really doesn’t exist.  Now of course the perfect SAN would be described differently depending on who you talk to and what the SAN is going to be used for.  I wanted a SAN for the purpose of doing just about anything.  That would mean I needed the SAN to be highly flexible in all possible aspects while keeping it practical and affordable since I’m working from a hobby budget, at least in my case.  Given the current economic conditions that exist for most small business these days wasteful spending is not really an option if you are considering a SAN build for your company or employer.

After searching high and low for a black-box SAN solution I came up disappointed every time.  Whether it was USB capable only or relied too heavily on RAID based software I really couldn’t find anything that perfectly fit my wishful-thinking requirements.  My goal was to find a SAN with the following features.

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